Article- How Sex Heals- Embarking on a Journey Of Intelligent Lust

An inspiring article written Stanley Siegel, LCSW – How Sex Heals: Embarking on the Journey of Intelligent Lust.

The whole article is fascinating and has links to more reading…below I copied two paragraphs that explains that we do not have to be ashamed of our sexual fantasies. Even more, our sexual fantasies show us what we are actually missing and the emotions we want to be fulfilled.

“Just as fantasies of great wealth or status serve to help us feel less powerless in an ordinary lives, sexual fantasies are the minds way of helping us gain mastery of unresolved conflicts or unmet needs. They are not simple random imaginings as we are led to believe. At their base lies fragments of our history, that reach far back into the forgotten past. By the time we leave adolescence, most of us have eroticized some aspect of unmeet needs from our childhoods, encoding them in our sexual fantasies. These encoded sexual fantasies, which continue throughout our adult lives, transform the pain associated with old wounds into sexual pleasure.”

But if we learn to identify our sexual fantasies and true desires, where they come from and what they mean, we can unleash their full healing power. Embracing our sexual truth reverses the corrosive influences of guilt and shame, and enhances the sense of self-worth and wholeness that is essential to leading a fulfilling life. It allows us to reclaim abandoned parts of ourselves and integrate them into our being, also crucial to health. And equally important, our true desires can also became a diving rod that leads to choosing partners with whom we can build a respectful, honest and trusting relationship, whether it is for a single night or a lifetime.

HOw Sex Heals


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