Fomalhaut In Astrology




Fomalhaut is enchanted and intoxicated by love and life. This star governs the winter solstice, so like Jesus it contains the hope of being reborn. Fomalhaut has lofty ideals, the kind that believes love will conquer all. Often these people fall hopelessly in love with someone, but the road to them is strewn with trails and obstacles. Romeo probably had Venus on Fomalhaut.

However if Folalhaults hearts are pure then the impossible love is often won. This goes for their everyday life too, these misty-eyed dreamers are often not taken seriously. That is until they are found at  the top of their tree, still gazing wistfully into the clouds, much to the changrin of their contemporaries. These fishes seem to have got there as if by magic, indeed they probably have. I can see why their rivals may be a wee bit suspicious, “by what witchcraft did they get there?!”

For Fomalhaut though, selling it’s soul to the devil is precisely what it cannot do if they don’t want to end up incarcerated. These folk will topple right down into the gutter if they seek fame for their own personal glory. It must all be done for love of their craft and for the benefit of the greater good.