Healing through Sex

I Would like to share a beautiful blog I read from a man about his loving and sexual relationship with his girlfriend.

Here it is….
Today marks a demarcation point in my sexual/soul progression, and I’m not alone here 😉 I’ll start off by saying that I am on the path to becoming a sexual healer. It is not my sole path, but most definitely an important aspect of why I am here. On this path, I have entered a Polyamorous or what you call an open relationship with my lover. She and I have also been living together for over a year, so that adds another level of honesty, communication and togetherness.

Naturally our relationship entered a stage where we became monogamous with each other. Due to our soul contract, we have chosen each other as the powerful reflection of what I call ‘extreme soul growth and flexibility.’ I don’t know or feel that we will stay monogamous for the remainder of our relationship, but I also am not opposed to it!

In our sexual life I started practicing what you call ‘Sperm Retention’, which is the conservation of semen. I also added another level of practice where I have learned to separate the orgasm and ejaculation. Let me start off by saying that ‘most of the time’ when a woman has an orgasm, it charges her being and she does not always cum in the manner that she releases fluids. There are always exceptions. When a man reaches orgasm, he ‘most of the time’ ejaculates as well, resulting in a release. So again ‘most of the time’ a woman’s orgasm is about recharging, and mans is about release.

For a man to experience the recharging aspect of sex, I have found that he either begins to practice sperm retention and/or separation of orgasm and ejaculation. This practice I find is an amazing feat and challenge for the modern day man. It requires a level of meditation, self-control, strong pc muscles, and of course… the willingness to learn and slow things down a bit.

A little taste of how it works is this: As the man begins to reach the state of orgasm, he starts to breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine the sexual energy moving up the spinal column while maintaining your breathe. As you reach ‘the point of no return’ stop touching yourself, or moving, or thrusting, and breeeathe. The idea here is to not have the sexual energy lock up in your sacral chakra, resulting in an ejaculatory orgasm, but instead channeling it through the entire chakra system resulting in a full-body orgasmic experience.

You won’t initially feel the full-body orgasm, as this is developed through practice and strength, and time. But over time, you will strengthen your pc muscles with a kung-fu grip! Waataaaaa!

Men, as you are having sex with your partner every time you reach the point of orgasm, breathe, slow down, relax, let go and visualize the energy circulating between the two of you. At some point in sperm retention, your phallus may begin to throb with orgasmic pleasure, without actually ejaculating. This will allow you to have multiple orgasms, and highly charge your being. This is a powerful point and practice.

The more challenging aspect is being so in-tune with your lover that as you reach the orgasmic state, so does she/he. So learning to maintain such a level of self-control that you bring yourself to the near state of orgasm, she/he has an orgasm, and you refrain from ejaculating. You’d hear this deep inner-voice saying ‘Welcome, to the next level.’ 😉

Ok so back to the topic of this blog. Both my partner and I have been practicing this idea of building the orgasm to a really powerful state. I have been practicing sperm retention. This morning I got up feeling sexually super-charged from the past week and decided to surprise my lover with a little sexual healing. The only difference is that today was deeply healing on many levels.

As we played, teased and made love with deep passion, connection and surrender, she was reaching the point of climax. Her intention internally was to completely let go, on levels she probably wasn’t fully conscious of, but that’s her story to tell, not mine ;). Well as she reached orgasm, I myself had the intention of simply being fully present and deeply intertwined in our beings. Her orgasm was long and progressive, expressive and free. In those moments, her sounds of ecstasy became tears of joy, and the next thing you know she was crying in freedom, in joy, in complete ecstasy. It was honestly the most beautiful sexual experience I’ve ever had. I felt so honored and joyful, to be a part of that co-created and unexpected event.

The tears turned into laughter, the laughter turned into giggles, the giggles mixed with tears turned into joy, and the joy became our mutual depth of love and bonding, connection and serenity.

Then through the joy and laughter, the song ‘sexual healing’ started playing in my head. Lol. So this concludes my journey, and trust me this is always and forever, just the beginning 😉 so, till next time, stay orgasmic my friends ;).