Sodasi’s Tantra Massage In Berlin

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As a practioner of both Classical Tantra and Neo tantra, Sodasi is able to bring in many elements from both traditions into her Tantra massage in Berlin. Her ability to mix these technique as well as her skills in other massage modalities gives her an expertise that allows her to see and feel what your needs are for your tantra massage during your stay in Berlin.

When Sodasi first meets you at your hotel in Berlin she will explain her Tantra massage,- the procedure, a brief philosophy of Tantra and Neo Tantra and will ask you questions about your needs and desires and what you would like to get out of the massage.

Sodasi’s aim of her Tantra massage is that she hopes that this massage will be something you can take into your personal life. The stages in the lingam massage helps you to learn how to control your sexual energy and is excellent for those who struggle with premature ejaculation. It also shows you how beautiful your own sexual energy is and how to orgasm with your full body while being centred in your heart. She hopes you will become more open-minded and more relaxed after because during your Tantra massage you have not been attached to any ideas or images. You will have simply let go and allowed the Tantric energy to flow through out your body to nourish it.

As you have just read Sodasi’s Tantra massage is an excellent treat and an enlightening massage to have while your stay in Berlin. Tantra massage works on your physical and energetic body which in turn relaxes your mind, body and eases your heart.

At Sodasi’s Tantra Massage In Berlin you learn more about yourself and go to new depths in your sexuality. Feeling the way sexual energies flow in your body teaches you to enjoy a full body experience and widens your perspective on yourself and your sexual energy. Removing blocks in your body, Sodasi’s Tantra massage allows your powerful sexual energy to run freely in a healthy and holistic way.

Sodasi’s warm personality, coupled with her warm soothing touch makes you feel open and safe while you explore the depths of Tantra massage. Knowing everyone is different and has individual needs, she gently reassures you and guides you through out the massage. Her ability to love and be nonjudgemental gives you the ability to truly let go and be relaxed.

Whether you are visiting Berlin for business or leisure, Sodasi’s Tantra Massage in Berlin is an experience that you wont want to miss. Her Tantric techniques and soft healing hands will take you on a Tantric journey that will leave you with very sweet bed