New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox

The energy is strong to make a transformation. Call in the new and root out the old.

Here is a good explanation of what is occurring in the sky. I have taken some of the article which I think are the most important parts- perhaps the parts that speak to me the loudest. And of course the link, if you want to read the whole article.

Love and blessings

The equinox is always a time of restart, renewal and setting up a good container for how you wish to show up as you move into the newness of spring. When you have a new moon at the same time, there is even a more powerful opportunity to anchor this new start. When there is an eclipse, it intensifies everything. So be careful what you ask for and how you ask for it. Make sure you are not unconsciously asking for something you don’t really want. We have been in a tricky time emotionally where fuses are short and people are reactionary. There is a lot of energy that can either be used for conflict or for productivity and breakthrough. Make sure that your intentions are not based on negative reactions but rather on inspiration and a desire for positive growth and improvement in your life.

This particular New Moon is an excellent time to move into a more powerful place in your life. The price for this is letting go and eliminating something in your life that has been holding you back. It could be a current situation at home or at work, or possibly something from the past you have not forgiven, or an old emotional wound, a past regret, judgment or disappointment. Eliminate this energy leak and you will find the freedom to move forward in your life in a much more powerful way.

What we have looming on the horizon is a powerful New Moon in its own right.  Both the Sun and the Moon are in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces.  In addition, the Sun and Moon fall in the very last degree of the sign at 29º 27’ emphasizing the theme of endings, culminations, completions.  What needs to be let go? …Mostly the old story we’re telling ourselves and dragging around from the past. If you were to be called to the temple (as you might see this powerful astrological configuration at Equinox), would you want to bring your ‘poor me’ story and hurts and wrongs with you into this sacred space, or would you like to leave them at the temple steps and be available for the renewal and rebirth that the Equinox provides?

As we complete the zodiac cycle with both Sun and Moon in Pisces in all her fullness of the 29th degree, we have so much support within our reach.  Pisces is the most watery of signs meaning our emotional bodies are primary now.  She is the dissolver of all boundaries and separation that leads to the unifying of opposition and duality.  Her strong empathy and compassion allows merging, barriers to dissolve, becoming one with the other, a divine union with all that is.  Pisces, as the most spiritual aspect of ourselves, offers us this gift: surrender, letting go, merging with what is greater than our mini minds, a larger power.  Here is where intuition reigns and faith and belief in abundance and love find fertile ground within us.  Make no mistake, publicly standing in the truth of the invisible world surrendered to spirit makes you eccentric and vulnerable in our culture of scientific logic and proof.  With this great vulnerability engendered by surrender to what is greater than our individual selves and the willingness to dream a new dream of connection, respect for our beautiful mother planet, and relationship to the oneness of all living energies opens the way to holding a tremendous and magnificent power.  Like a serpent molting out of a skin too tight, momentary vulnerability leads to more freedom and power for the reborn creature.  The lesson in this 29º Pisces eclipse is surrender leads to vulnerability that leads to great spiritual power, connection and healing.  It’s the lesson of The Feminine and of the element water.

We pass through this portal together strengthening ourselves and each other.  Create your own ceremony to honor the power of this time as well as joining together with others to celebrate the turning of the wheel.  We are blessed!