Russell Brand and speaking about becoming sexually conscious

This video is fantastic. Russell Brand brings up the subject of how soft porn affects people relationships. This subject grabs his attention after the hype about the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

As a brave and honest man, he uses himself and describes his direct experience with porn and how it affects him negatively. Stating that his relationship to porn as “the hub of his inner conflict and doubt”. He speaks about the findings that PhD psychologist Gary R Brooks came to after he studied the affects of soft porn on men.

There are five main symptoms being…

1)Voyeurism-looking at woman instead of interacting as them

2)Objectification- attitude woman are objects -women are shapes, sizes and body parts

3)Validation- the need to validate masculinity through beautiful woman

4)Trophies-idea woman are collectables

5)Fear of true intimacy- inability to connect with woman even though one is experiencing deep loneliness

I think its really amazing that Russell can be so open about this. We all have room to grow and sharing openly about where we are at is a great way to spread the desire to transform these lower energies and destructive patterns along with getting support in doing so.


Please watch the video. This man is so cool!