Tantra Massage Berlin

tantra massage berlin

Berlin is an exciting city with many offers. This is why my Tantra massage service is a perfect choose for a massage in Berlin. I visit hotels in Berlin to give you the most incredible Tantra massage in the absolute comfort and privacy of your hotel room.

Mobile Tantra Massage Berlin

Don’t move an inch. My mobile Tantra massage service in Berlin delivers a sensual, soothing and relaxing Tantra massage. My Tantra Massage in Berlin is a slow, sensual and spiritual massage. I use full body strokes and work along the two main energy lines in your body. This creates a wave that can result in a full body orgasm and produces a deep state of peace and bliss. I use aromatherapy to ignite your senses, pressure points to open your body, and work intuitively on your chakras to align your body. Breathing exercises and connecting exercises are used to bring you into a deeper state of relaxation and trust.

Rejuvenation from Tantra Massage Berlin

The last twenty minutes is a Lingam (penis) Massage. During the Lingam Massage I spread your sexual energy to the other parts of your body to energise them. You can choose to have an orgasm or not. When you choose to have an orgasm it will be long, strong and will involve your full body. If you choose not to, your body will be fully energised and your mind alert and clear. You can always decide during the Lingam Massage.

Please arrange a time via email or simply give me a call at 49 152 28321111 for a Tantra massage in Berlin.


Sodasi Tantric Massage Berlin