Tantra Massage in Berlin by Sodasi from Tantric Massage Berlin

Tantra massage is more than a sensual massage. It requires you to pay close attention to your own body, your breathing and to be present in the moment. Learning to let go is a process and I will help you during the massage when I notice you are losing focus on your breathe and I will gently bring you back to it. So far, I have said two key things to fully get the most out of your Tantra Massage- letting go and listening to your breathe.

Our society has stigmatized sex-making it dirty, unclean and bad. We are so influenced by these beliefs and shedding these layers of letting go of this stigma and the shame involved is a process too. Tantra Massage helps you with this process by letting you EXPERIENCE it first hand- that your sexual energy is powerful and when you channel in a healthy direction with love- amazing results will occur. To name a few, you will become clear headed, feel incredibly relaxed, experience deep peace, release emotions you were holding, learn about the power you possess inside and to see how your sexual nature is directly tied to your spiritual nature and of course.

Some clients of mine sometimes experience a little discomfort since it involves highly sensual and energetic cycles through out the massage. However, if you relax and completely trust me and the process then you will not feel uncomfortable and you will realize that tantra massage is an excellent way to heal your sexuality and deal with issues of shame, exhaustion and become more in touch with your inner self . Tantra massage is a truly relaxing massage but at the same time it awakens your spiritual self by becoming more comfortable with your sexual energy. It is a learning process and the more you receive Tantra Massage, the more you will be able to control your sexual energy.

Although I am dealing with sexual energy in this massage, it does NOT involve sexual interaction. As I have stated before, the key to getting the most out of your Tantra massage is to let go. I want to make this point very clear.

If you are a person who likes trying out new things in life and the finer things in life, then Tantra massage is something you could consider. At Tantric Massage Berlin, I am here to guide you through the process of releasing and awakening your sexual energy.

with love,


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