Tantric Bodywork Berlin

Tantric Bodywork Berlin

In todays chaotic world, more and more people are using Tantric bodywork as a way to bring back balance to their sexuality and wellbeing. Tantric Bodywork Berlin  helps people to understand their own sexualities and teaches them how it can benefit their relationships in the future.

Sodasi is a Tantric practitioner who honours the Tantric teachings whilst adapting techniques of psychology and sexology into the mix as a way to also treat the mind along with the body. It is a loving and soft massage that helps the receiver feel a gentle abundance of emotion whilst connecting with their own spiritual and sexual energy.

Sodasi’s aim of her Tantric massage is that she hopes that this massage will be something you can take into your personal life. The stages in the lingam massage help you to learn how to control your sexual energy and is excellent for those who struggle with pre mature ejaculation. It also shows you how beautiful your own sexual energy is and how to orgasm with your full body while being centred in your heart. She hopes you will become more open-minded and more relaxed after because during your Tantra massage you have not been attached to any ideas or images. You have simply let go and allowed the Tantric energy to flow through out your body.

Creating an ambiance with candles, music and trust, you can fully let go and receive a True Tantric massage in your hotel room or suite in Berlin. She has a wide variety of Tantric bodywork you can choose from and all massages are catered to your individual needs.

Sodasi’s Tantric bodywork Berlin includes a Lingam massage and she will guide you through the process in order for you to get the most benefits and relaxation from your Lingam massage. She will also explain the benefits and pleasure of receiving a prostate massage along with the Lingam Massage.