Tantric Massage Berlin- bookings at hotels in Berlin

Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Tashi and I am the owner of Tantric Massage Berlin. I am in the process of making a third website for Germany and will be entering more European countries soon. I am also going to be hiring Tantra massage therapists so I can service more clients.

I have many ideas and I am on the mission to spread Tantra Massage as a mainstream wellness massage that deals with connecting your sexual nature to your spiritual nature- and of course healing your body and mind too. My clients tell me all the timeā€¦.that this massage is something totally new to them and an experience to remember. This makes me so happy. Its great to get such positive feedback and to feel appreciated.

Before 10pm at night the price is 250 euro for 1 hour and the price rises later at night. Please carefully read my website to find out more information such as a description of my Tantra Massage, pictures of me, the price, preparation and of course how to contact me.

Please understand, that I am quite busy, so please try to book a few days ahead to ensure that you will be able to get the time you need. Same day booking are available of course too.

If it is your first time for a Tantra massage, please do not hesitate to call me to find out more about the Tantra massage.

I also recommend that you get a Tantra massage after your important meeting in the day. If you would like to get a Tantra massage before an important meeting/event, please tell me so I recommend the best treatment for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


49 15228321111

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