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Ashwini Kumaras- Sons of the Sun- Celestial Physicians

Ashvins or Ashwini Kumaras — are two celestial horsemen. In the Vedic legend they are twin brothers, who were born out of the union of Sun and his wife Sanjana (daughter of Vishwakarma), when they were in the form of … Continue reading

Tantric Bodywork Berlin

Tantric Bodywork Berlin In todays chaotic world, more and more people are using Tantric bodywork as a way to bring back balance to their sexuality and wellbeing. Tantric Bodywork Berlin  helps people to understand their own sexualities and teaches them … Continue reading

Sodasi Mantra

Lingam Massage Berlin

A Lingam massage is a form of tantric pleasure for a male that involves his entire male sex organs. Lingam Massage Berlin Goals Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage although it is often a pleasant and welcome … Continue reading

Only Friends

If we are only friends Why do you kiss me like you do ? If we are only friends Why do you hold me all night through ? Do the words “I love you” never come to your mind Don’t … Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Tantra Massage

THE MANY BENEFITS OF TANTRA MASSAGE The Many Benefits of Tantra Massage “When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit and the emotions.”-Jane Harrington As a practioner of both Classical Tantra and Neo tantra, I … Continue reading

Tantra Versus Porn

Tantra is about connection and intimacy. Porn is about getting off- and as a Tantric healer- I see the effects on Men’s sexuality and intimacy. Great article that explains it all! Enjoy! /

Sodasi’s Tantra Massage In Berlin

My new website is out! As a practioner of both Classical Tantra and Neo tantra, Sodasi is able to bring in many elements from both traditions into her Tantra massage in Berlin. Her ability to mix these technique as … Continue reading

Sodasi’s Tantra Massage in Berlin

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE www.tantramassageinberlin.comIndulge your senses, free mind, open your body and expand your spirit by receiving a tantra massage in Berlin. Luxury Tantra Massage Service in Berlin Sodasi’s Tantra Massage In Berlin is  one of the … Continue reading